Nepenthe's Award Winning Wine List

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Nepenthe's winelist includes over 700 distinct wines. While we try to keep our online list up to date, varietals, vintages, appelations, vineyards and prices are subject to change.

Nepenthe's Wine List includes an exceptional selection of wines made with Gary Pisoni's incomparable Pinot Noir grapes, and produced by some of California's most distinguished wine makers.

These include -



Lucia Garysí Vineyard

Miner Garysí Vineyard

Miura Garysí Vineyard

Morgan Garysí Vineyard

ROAR Garysí Vineyard

Ryan Garysí Vineyard

Siduri Garysí Vineyard

Tantara Garysí Vineyard

Testarossa Garysí Vineyard

Vision Garysí Vineyard

Miura Pisoni Vineyard

Ojai Vineyard Pisoni Vineyard

Patz & Hall Pisoni Vineyard

Pisoni Vineyards and Winery Pisoni Vineyard

Ryan Pisoni Vineyard

Siduri Pisoni Vineyard

Tantara Pisoni Vineyard

Testarossa Pisoni Vineyard

Pelerin Rosellaís Vineyard

ROAR Rosellaís Vineyard

Siduri Rosellaís Vineyard

Miura Silacci Vineyard



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